Evaluator Manual - Updates

The following updates contain individual revised pages to the CCLD Evaluator Manual. These updates are grouped into the following Evaluator Manual sections:


Facility Type Date
Child Care Centers 9/2016 16CCC-03
Child Care Centers 7/2016 16CCC-02
Child Care Centers 6/2016 16CCC-01
Child Care Centers 5/2015 15CCC-02
Child Care Centers 5/2015 15CCC-01
Child Care Centers 2/2010 10CCC-03
Child Care Centers 2/2010 10CCC-02
Child Care Centers 12/2009 09CCC-01
Family Child Care Homes 9/2016 16FCCH-02
Family Child Care Homes 7/2016 16FCCH-01
Family Child Care Homes 7/2015 15FCCH-01
Adult Residential Facilities 1/2017 17ARF-01
Adult Residential Facilities 4/2016 16ARF-01
Adult Residential Facilities 2/2010 10ARF-02
Adult Residential Facilities 2/2010 10ARF-01
Adult Residential Facilities 7/2006 06ARF-01
Group Homes 9/2008 08GH-01
Small Family Homes 9/2009 09SFH-01
Small Family Homes 9/2008 08SFH-01
General Licensing 4/2016 16GLR-02
General Licensing 4/2016 16GLR-01
General Licensing 11/2015 15GLR-01
General Licensing 8/2012 12GLR-01
General Licensing 12/2011 11GLR-01
General Licensing 10/2010 10GLR-03
General Licensing 3/2010 10GLR-02
General Licensing 2/2010 10GLR-01
General Licensing 9/2008 08GLR-03
General Licensing 5/2008 08GLR-02
General Licensing 3/2008 08GLR-01
General Licensing 7/2006 06GLR-01
Residential Care Facilities for the Chronically Ill 4/2016 16RCFCI-01
Residential Care Facilities for the Chronically Ill 12/2011 11RCFCI-01
Residential Care Facilities for the Chronically Ill 9/2008 08RCFCI-01
Foster Family Homes 9/2008 08FFH-03
Foster Family Homes 9/2008 08FFH-02
Foster Family Homes 3/2008 08FFH-01
Adult Day Programs 4/2016 16ADP-01
Adult Day Programs 9/2008 08ADP-01
Adult Day Programs 12/2007 07ADP-01
Foster Family Agencies 9/2000 00FFA-01
Adoption Agencies 7/2000 00AA-01
Transitional Housing Placement Programs 9/2008 08THPP-01
Social Rehabilitation Facilities 6/2019 19SRF-02
Social Rehabilitation Facilities 6/2019 19SRF-01
Social Rehabilitation Facilities 7/2018 18SRF-01
Social Rehabilitation Facilities 12/2017 17SRF-01
Social Rehabilitation Facilities 12/2016 16SRF-03
Social Rehabilitation Facilities 8/2016 16SRF-02
Social Rehabilitation Facilities 5/2016 16SRF-01


Category Date
Enforcement Actions 9/2018 18RM-05
Enforcement Actions 1/2018 18RM-01
Enforcement Actions 11/2017 17RM-07
Enforcement Actions 8/2017 17RM-03
Enforcement Actions 7/2016 16RM-02
Enforcement Actions 4/2016 16RM-01
Enforcement Actions 2/2016 15RM-03
Enforcement Actions 12/2011 11RM-10
Enforcement Actions 7/2011 11RM-01
Enforcement Actions 2/2010 10RM-06
Enforcement Actions 2/2010 10RM-04
Enforcement Actions 9/2009 09RM-11
Enforcement Actions 11/2008 08RM-04
Enforcement Actions 12/2007 07RM-10
Enforcement Actions 11/2007 07RM-08
Enforcement Actions 10/2007 07RM-07
Enforcement Actions 7/2007 07RM-05
Enforcement Actions 9/2006 06RM-09
Enforcement Actions 7/2006 06RM-07
Enforcement Actions 4/2006 06RM-04
Enforcement Actions 3/2006 06RM-02
Office Functions 7/2018 18RM-04
Office Functions 8/2015 15RM-01
Office Functions 7/2011 11RM-02
Office Functions 2/2010 10RM-03
Office Functions 1/2010 10RM-02
Office Functions 11/2009 09RM-16
Office Functions 9/2009 09RM-08
Office Functions 8/2009 09RM-06
Office Functions 11/2008 08RM-05
NEW Applications — Adult and Senior Care Program 07/2019 19RM-03
Applications 08/2016 16RM-04
Applications 05/2013 13RM-06
Applications 01/2013 13RM-01
Applications 12/2011 11RM-11
Applications 08/2011 11RM-06
Applications 10/2010 10RM-11
Applications 11/2009 09RM-19
Applications 09/2009 09RM-09
Applications 12/2007 07RM-11
Applications 11/2007 07RM-09
Applications 10/2007 07RM-06
Applications — Child Care Program 10/2017 17RM-06
Applications — Children's Residential Program 9/2017 17RM-05
Annual License/Fees 11/2008 08RM-07
Complaints 2/2012 12RM-01
Complaints 8/2011 11RM-03
Complaints 5/2010 10RM-07
Complaints 10/2009 09RM-14
Complaints 9/2009 09RM-12
Complaints 11/2008 08RM-08
Complaints 7/2007 07RM-03
NEW Documentation 3/2019 19RM-02
Documentation 8/2010 10RM-12
Documentation 11/2009 09RM-17
Documentation 9/2009 09RM-13
Documentation 11/2008 08RM-09
Documentation 10/2008 08RM-03
Documentation 7/2007 07RM-04
Facility Evaluation/Visits 11/2009 09RM-18
Facility Evaluation/Visits 7/2009 09RM-05
Facility Evaluation/Visits 1/2009 09RM-02
Facility Evaluation/Visits 11/2008 08RM-10
Facility Evaluation/Visits 6/2008 08RM-02
Facility Evaluation/Visits 12/2007 07RM-12
Facility Evaluation/Visits 5/2006 06RM-05
Facility Evaluation/Visits 2/2006 06RM-01
Reporting Requirements 9/1999 99RM-03
Health and Behavior 2/2010 10RM-05
Health and Behavior 11/2008 08RM-11
Administrator Certification 2/2018 18RM-02
Administrator Certification 9/2016 16RM-05
Administrator Certification 11/2008 08RM-12
Background Check Procedures 12/2016 16RM-06
Background Check Procedures 7/2012 12RM-02
Background Check Procedures 8/2010 10RM-09
Background Check Procedures 11/2009 09RM-07
Background Check Procedures 5/2009 09RM-04
Background Check Procedures 5/2008 08RM-01
Background Check Procedures 7/2007 07RM-02
RCFE with Continuing Care 7/2016 16RM-03


Facility Type Date
Adult Residential Facilities 2/2018 18RM-03
Child Care Centers 7/2001 01RM-09
Family Child Care Homes 1/2000 00RM-02
Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly 8/2017 17RM-04
Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly 9/2009 09RM-10
Group Homes 3/2002 02RM-09
Small Family Homes 9/2000 00RM-15


Appendices Table of Contents
Appendix A Implementation Plans for Chaptered Legislation
Appendix B Laws & Acts (Health and Safety Code)
Appendix C SSI/SSP Payment Standards
Appendix D A Guide to Safeguarding Resident/Client Cash Resources
Appendix E Communication Agreements/Memorandums of Understanding
Appendix F (Removed)
Appendix G Community College Matrix
Appendix H Caregiver Background Check Bureau Sample Letters
Appendix I County Civil Penalties Manual
Appendix J CCLD Information Releases
Appendix K LPA/LPM Checklists for Complaint Review