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As of April 19, 2024, ACS is currently processing administrator applications received:

Initials - the week of June 19, 2023

Renewals - the week of August 7, 2023

*Note: The ACB processes applications in the order that applications are received. An applicant’s place in the queue is determined by application received date.


For RENEWAL applicants, access your account in the ACB Online Application Portal. The portal displays live certification status.

Active: The certificate is current.

Pending: An application has been submitted and is under review.

Expired: The certificate expiration date has passed.

Denied: Certification has been denied.

Withdrawn: An application has been withdrawn.

For INITIAL applicants, click on the Pending Applications List, that is updated weekly. The list displays the applications ACB has received arranged by applicant name, certificate number, and application/fee received date.

If after accessing the Pending Applications List or the portal you are unable to determine your application status, you may email the ACB at

Please use the following format for the email subject line:

Subject: Application Status: (First Name) (Last Name), (Certification Number) Application Status: Jane Smith, 6000000700


Subject: Application Status: (First Name) (Last Name), (Date of Birth)
Application Status: Jane Smith, 1/1/1989


The Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) has offered the following considerations to provide some relief to the provider community as related to the ACB applications backlog.

    • When an administrator is associated to a pending facility licensure (initial or change of ownership), the administrator’s application is expedited, and certification approval is conducted along with licensure approval.  This is done through internal coordination with Childrens’ Residential Program (CRP) Regional Offices (RO) or Adult and Senior Care’s Centralized Applications Bureau (CAB). 

      If this situation applies to you or if you have questions about the pending facility licensure, please contact CAB or your assigned CRP RO
    • If there is a critical need for certification approval (for example if services from a partner agency, such as the county or Regional Center, is at risk of being disrupted; or residents are at risk of relocation as a result of a pending certification renewal; or if a new administrator needs to be onboarded immediately), your local Regional Office may request to expedite certification on the administrator’s behalf.  

      If this situation applies to you, please contact the assigned LPA for the licensed facility to discuss the critical needIf the RO determines that an expedite certification approval is necessary, they will send the request to ACB on your behalf.
    • During the course of a facility inspection, if the administrator certificate is expired and the licensee can validate the submission of a renewal certificate application, the LPA should take into consideration whether a citation is warranted.  Each citation should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis including the facility and administrator’s history of compliance.

      If this situation applies to you, please consult with the assigned LPA to discuss questions or concerns with regards to a citation related to an expired administrator certificate.