Application Fees

Below you will find the application fees associated with the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act (HCSCPA):

Application Type

Time Base

Fee Amount

Home Care Organization License

2 Years


Home Care Aide Registration

2 Years


Change in Location (HCO)


Change in Corporation


More Information

For more information on the fingerprinting and LiveScan fees please contact the Care Provider Management Branch at 1 (888) 422-5669.

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Home Care Organization Complaints

How can I file a complaint regarding a licensee, staff person, caregiver, or home care organization? Visit the CCLD Complaint Hotline page for contact information and more. Remember, when you report suspected licensing violations, you protect persons in care and perform a service to your community.

Information on reporting suspected abuse or fraud is available on the Reporting page. Local law enforcement and Adult Protective Services or Child Protective Services will be responsible for conducting an investigation.

For general licensing inquiries, contact the HCSB.