Home Care Organization Application Process


To apply for a license to operate a HCO, please complete the following steps:

Review the HCS 281 for application instructions.

  1. Click on the links in the Section A chart below to access the appropriate application forms.
  2. Complete the application forms and compile all the supplemental documents listed in the Section B chart.

Mail the completed application with appropriate application fees to the HCSB at:

California Department of Social Services
Home Care Services Branch
744 P Street, M.S. 9-14-90
Sacramento, CA 95814


Section A: Home Care Organization Application Forms


Form Number



HCS 200

Application for a Home Care Organization License


HCS 215

Licensee Applicant Information


HCS 308

Designation of Home Care Organization Responsibility


HCS 309

Partnership/Corporation/Limited Liability Company


HCS 402

Employee Dishonesty Bond


HCS 9165

Board of Directors Statement


Section B: Supplemental Documents           




Partnership Agreement/Articles of Incorporation/Articles of Organization


Job Descriptions- Each Position


Personnel Policies


Training Plan


Home Care Organization Program Description


Insurance Information


After you submit your application, you will receive a notice stating that your
application has been received. This notice will also provide you with information regarding:

Your HCO number which you should use in all future communication;

How to commence with the fingerprinting process; and

How to complete the online orientation.

Contact Us

Community Care Licensing Division
Home Care Services Branch
744 P Street MS 9-14-90
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (877) 424-5778
Email: HCSB@dss.ca.gov

Home Care Organization Complaints

How can I file a complaint regarding a licensee, staff person, caregiver, or home care organization? Visit the CCLD Complaint Hotline page for contact information and more. Remember, when you report suspected licensing violations, you protect persons in care and perform a service to your community.

Information on reporting suspected abuse or fraud is available on the Reporting page. Local law enforcement and Adult Protective Services or Child Protective Services will be responsible for conducting an investigation.

For general licensing inquiries, contact the HCSB.