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The Communications and Outreach Unit provides the latest announcements and news to our stakeholders for all things related to CCR. Here you can find our calendar of upcoming events, tool kits and info-graphics available for use, and helpful links to related resources. Be sure keep up to date and stay informed on important topics, events, or changes related to CCR by signing up to our email list by filling out the orange box on the right-hand side of this page and check back with us in the future to look for new tools or other resources.

The Story of My Life: Grant and Jesus

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Calendar of Events

Communications Tool Kit

This communications tool kit is designed to provide general information regarding the Continuum of Care Reform.

  • CCR Infographic Fact Sheet
    Visual fact sheet portraying the vision behind the Continuum of Care Reform, the transformation to trauma-informed family based care and the kinds of services provided along the continuum of care.
  • Mental Health Access Diagram
    Document designed to assist in navigating the mental health benefits available to youth through the Med-Cal program.
  • Commonly Used Acronyms
    Document that contains a list of commonly used acronyms helpful for people new to social services and child welfare related programs.
  • CYC CCR Tool kit
    Youth friendly toolkit giving an overview of the components of the Continuum of Care Reform.


Infographics are visual tools designed to assist in provide a general overview on a topic and are available for use by anyone


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