CF 18: CalFresh Churn Monthly Report

The CalFresh Churn Monthly Caseload Report (CF 18) captures data regarding CalFresh “caseload churn”, including the total number of CalFresh households scheduled to submit a Semi-Annual Report (SAR 7) and Redetermination/Recertification/Reapplication (RRR) within a given month and whether the scheduled SAR 7 or RRR is submitted timely, untimely, late, or is not renewed. This report also includes data on SAR 7- and RRR-related discontinuances, as well as the average days to process (ADP) initial and non-initial applications for both expedited and non-expedited service.


Beginning March 1, 2020, all existing reports publicly accessible on web pages belonging to the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) must comply with the CDSS Data De-identification Guidelines in order to more fully protect the identities of the vulnerable clients we serve. Cells that could identify an individual with a value of less than 11 have been replaced with a “*” to comply with the CDSS Data De-identification Guidelines .

Report Period Updated
Fiscal Year 2023-24 04/19/24
Fiscal Year 2022-23 07/10/23
Fiscal Year 2021-22 08/09/22
Fiscal Year 2020-21 08/02/21

Help is available for questions regarding the Excel file format. County revisions for current and prior years are anticipated for this report. Please check the site regularly for updated data.