Training and Certification

View the California Regional Training Academies Map.

Academy for Professional Excellence
(Southern CA, excluding LA, AKA: Public Child Welfare Training-PCWTA)
(619) 594-3917

Bay Area Training Academy
(Run by the Central Academy in Fresno)
(510) 271-0951

California Social Work Education Center (CALSWEC)
(510) 643-9067

Central California Training Academy
(559) 228-0455

University Consortium for Children and Families (email)
(UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCCF)

Northern Regional Training Academy
(530) 754-5846

Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice
Facilitation Training, Advanced Facilitation Training
(530) 752-9726

CANS Trainings

Bay Area Academy Training Calendar:

CANS Demo Video
The CANS demo video is now available on the CARES Implementation Portal

Northern California Training Academy:

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