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Clarifying Your Values

Your values are a like a compass that keeps you on track in your journey through life. Values are what give you strength in the moment and inspire you to take a certain direction when you are faced with choices. Values are personal to you. They are not right or wrong, and they never need to be justified. They are simply statements of what is meaningful to you. They are yours to choose and to change and to reprioritize as the circumstances of your life change, and as you change.

Values Clarification Activities

Before you do one of the values clarification activities below, take a few moments to think about times when you feel good.

Identify times when you feel the happiest

  • What are you doing?
  • Are you with anyone? Who are you with?
  • What factors contribute to your happiness?

Identify times when you feel most proud

  • Why are you proud?
  • Are you with anyone? Who are you with?
  • What factors contribute to your feeling of pride?

Identify times when you feel most fulfilled

  • Why do you feel fulfilled
  • Are you with anyone? Who are you with?
  • What factors contribute to your feelings of fulfillment

Consider your responses to these questions as you work through this Values Clarification Activity. Identify the 10 most important values to you. Base your selections on your experiences of happiness, pride and fulfillment. Can you rank your most important values?

Personal Values Card Sorting Print these sheets and then cut them into cards. Sort your cards into three categories:

  1. Very Important To Me
  2. Important To Me
  3. Not Important to Me

Write down your top values. Revisit your card sort whenever you go through significant life changes or have important decisions to make about the direction of your life.

Exploring Your Values Further How are your values similar to and different than other people in your life? This worksheet will help you identify what is most important to you.

Having Trouble With Finding Positive Things in Your Life?

Here are a few tools that may help. If you feel stuck, ask a good friend or trusted adult for help.

  • Word List of Positive Traits Circle any of the positive traits on this list that you recognize in yourself – even if it is just sometimes. When you are having a tough time, use it to remember things that you are proud of and to know that good exists in the world after all.
  • Reflection on Positive Experiences Use this tool to reflect on times that you acted with courage, kindness, determination and other positive qualities.
  • My Strengths and Qualities Use this as a place to capture some good stuff in one place. Add to it as you think of things.

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule expresses the principle of reciprocity in relationships. In our country, we often express this as “treat your neighbor as yourself.” This principle is at the core of all the world’s major religions and ethical systems. It is the basis for how we treat each other as members of one human family. This poster expresses the concept of the Golden Rule among 13 religions. There’s even a rap version you can listen to!


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