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For concerns about children or youth in foster care, you can contact the Foster CareOmbudsman’s Office to report abuse or right’s violations, as well as other foster care concerns.

For concerns or violations in licensed foster care, residential or child care facilities, you can make a report to Community Care Licensing.

To report child abuse or neglect, please contact the County Child Welfare Hotline in the county where the child resides.  For a list of county reporting hotlines, please see the current list.

To file a complaint about county staff or to contact the county directly, please see the list of county contacts County Office Contacts.

If you are a county or state Social Worker reporting concerns regarding a policy or practice that is in violation of state statute or regulations, please see the Social Worker Empowerment Hotline.

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Tribal Representatives can report concerns regarding ICWA non-compliance by a county child welfare agency or probation department 

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