IHSS Program Data

Monthly IHSS Program Data and the two IHSS Consumer Characteristics Reports are now available.  Together, the IHSS Program Data and the IHSS Consumer Characteristics Reports provide program data from FY 2000/01 to present. 

Monthly IHSS Program Data

The following IHSS Program Data will be posted monthly and includes program information such as recipient/consumer, provider, county and statewide data. Each file includes accessible navigation features, selectable terms linked to a glossary, and consumer characteristic data for the month listed in the title.

IHSS Consumer Characteristic Reports

The reports included in each ACIN listed below establish a program baseline. ACIN I-22-19 is a supplemental report that documents the IHSS consumer characteristics for Fiscal Years (FY)s 2012/13 through 2017/18. ACIN I-70-15 provides results of a study of IHSS consumer characteristics for FYs 2000/01 through 2011/12.

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