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The Immigrations Service Bureau (ISB) ensures the effective development and implementation of programs and funding initiatives necessary to support legal services, outreach, community education, and other immigrant integration efforts. The ISB funds legal services and education and outreach to increase access to legal immigration remedies, as well as to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), naturalization, and removal defense. The ISB also administers legal services program for Unaccompanied Undocumented Minors (UUM) and other special projects focused on underserved immigrant populations.

Immigration Programs Legislative Report FY2021-22

Program Information

Immigration Services Funding ... services to increase access to DACA, OIR, naturalization, other immigration remedies, and removal defense.

Youth Legal Services services to eligible UUMs who are present in California and transferred to the care and custody of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) or are residing with a sponsor.

COVID-19 Immigration Services Map and Resources

DACA and Naturalization Filing Fees (DNAF)... The California Department of Social (CDSS) is pleased to announce the availability of $25 million for the provision of services on behalf of individuals applying for or renewing DACA or applying for naturalization. This budget allocation includes funding to implement the DNAF project. This project aims to support payment of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) application filing fees for DACA and Naturalization applicants who are low-income and face financial barriers in paying these fees. The filing fee assistance is available from November 1, 2021 through December 31, 2022. The filing fee for DACA first-time or renewal applications is $495.00. The filing fee for Naturalization is up to $725.00. A list of the CDSS - funded immigration service providers in California that are able to provide the USCIS filing fee assistance under the DNAF project can be found on the Contractor Contact Page. Please contact the organization directly to ask about your specific case and needs. Each organization offers services in different languages. 

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Immigration Legal Fellowship Project (ILFP) The Budget Act of 2019 appropriated $4.7 million and authorized the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) to create the first state-funded immigration legal fellowship. The Immigration Legal Fellowship Project (ILFP) aims to increase the number of removal defense attorneys and the capacity of nonprofit organizations to provide removal defense services in California’s Central Coast and Central Valley. Please contact the organization directly to ask about specific cases and needs.

Afghan Integration and Resettlement Services (AIRS) Project … administered through the Refugee Programs Bureau and will increase services for Afghan newcomers in California.  AIRS supports the organizational capacity of qualified nonprofit organizations to provide culturally and linguistically responsive case management services to assist with the successful integration of Afghan arrivals into their communities.

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