1989 All County Information Notices

ACIN I-02-89 (January 6, 1989)
Revised Food Stamp Employment And Training Quarterly Statistical report Delayed

ACIN I-06-89 (January 13, 1989)
AB 3647 - Food Stamp Program Information Act Of 1988

ACIN I-11-89 (February 8, 1989)
County Automation Projects

ACIN I-13-89 (February 15, 1989)
National Nutritional Education Campaign

ACIN I-17-89 (March 8, 1989)
Transfer Of Nonexcludable Resources For Less Than Fair Market Value (Public Law 100-360)

ACIN I-21-89 (March 21, 1989)
National Information Campaign On The Federal Earned Income Tax Credit

ACIN I-35-89 (June 7, 1989)
State And Local Sales Taxes

ACIN I-37-89 (June 12, 1989)
SB 2579 - 185 Percent Program

ACIN I-39-89 (June 15, 1989)
Prenatal care Guidance Program

ACIN I-45-89 (June 28, 1989)
Disqualification Consent Agreement Form For The Food Stamp Program (DFA 478)

ACIN I-47-89 (July 19, 1989)
Licensing Status Of Mobile Interstate Programs

ACIN I-49-89 (July 24, 1989)
The Confidentiality Of Aids Medical Information in In-Home Supportive Services

ACIN I-50-89 (July 27, 1989)
Report To The Legislature: "Evaluation Of The Adult Protective Services And Elder/Dependent Adult Emergency Shelter Demonstration Projects

ACIN I-52-89 (July 31, 1989)
The Treatment Of Monthly Recurring Unearned Governmental Benefits In AFDC

ACIN I-55-89 (August 17, 1989)
Food Stamp Disqualification Reporting

ACIN I-56-89 (August 18, 1989)
Statement Of Facts To Add A Child Under Age 16, CA 8A (7/89)

ACIN I-57-89 (August 22, 1989)
Emergency Response Telephone Number Changes

ACIN I-61-89 (August 30, 1989)
Report To The Legislature: "IHSS Uniformity"

ACIN I-62-89 (September 5, 1989)
Saldivar v. McMahon Update

ACIN I-64-89 (September 12, 1989)
Covers System Demonstration

ACIN I-66-89 (September 15, 1989)
Hearing Impaired Population Information

ACIN I-67-89 (September 21, 1989)
Food Stamp Coupon Books

ACIN I-68-89 (September 27, 1989)
Food Stamp McKinney Homeless Assistance Act Sunset Provision Regarding PA/GA Housing Assistance Payments

ACIN I-72-89 (October 25, 1989)
AB 2322 And SB 64 - Inconsistent Provisions

ACIN I-76-89 (November 7, 1989)
Abbott v. McMahon - records Retention

ACIN I-79-89 (November 28, 1989)
Legislative Revisions To: Elder And Dependent Adult Multidisciplinary Team Records, Elder And Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting, And The Scope Of Public Guardianship Activities

ACIN I-81-89 (December 5, 1989)
Senate Bill 370 (Chapter 1294, Statutes Of 1989)

ACIN I-83-89 (December 6, 1989)
Medi-Cal Eligibility Data System (MEDS) Access For IV-D Agencies