Major Initiative Timelines

The CDSS Major Initiatives Anticipated Timeline provides an overview of milestones and projected implementation dates for significant initiatives currently underway at CDSS. The timeline offers a point-in-time progress snapshot, as of November 2022 and funding as appropriated in the 2022-23 Budget. The timeline also provides a view of the volume of initiatives in totality across the Department that are simultaneously being worked on.

Implementation dates may shift due to a variety of operational factors, including: (1) prioritization or sequencing of initiatives that may have interdependencies with other program changes; (2) administrative processes and approvals; as well as (3) CDSS’s ongoing commitment to county, tribal, stakeholder, and community partner consultation/engagement processes at various intervals of project implementation to inform successful human-centered design, equity and access, and execution of the state’s safety net programs to truly meet the needs of the individuals, families, and communities we serve.

This timeline highlights relevant milestones necessary to successfully complete each initiative, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Preparing all county letters (ACLs), policy guidance, and/or program instructions;
  • Developing county fiscal letters (CFLs) for funding allocation methodology and claiming instructions;
  • Obtaining partner feedback on ACLs, CFLs and other guidance;
  • Developing, reviewing, and executing contracts;
  • Establishing grants and award systems for disbursing program dollars;
  • Procuring, planning, and implementing necessary changes to automation systems/information technology (IT) solutions;
  • Recruiting and hiring staff dedicated to the project work.

Achieving each of these milestones can involve an iterative process to work through operational considerations and with state oversight agencies to ensure all statutory and regulatory requirements are met. Some processes can take several months or a year to complete, and can involve multiple operational milestone requirements in sequence, which impacts the overall timeline. CDSS works diligently through each process to address issues as timely as possible to adhere to implementation targets.

Note: This timeline reflects select major recent initiatives and is not inclusive of every/all CDSS program changes underway in 2022-23. This timeline will be updated periodically with ongoing engagement and progress on the identified milestones.