OCAP-Funded Direct Service Grants

OCAP Grant Summary

The Father Engagement grant has been awarded to eight (8) agencies to deliver evidence-based or evidence-informed/promising practice father engagement services to fathers and caregivers in a father role through fatherhood education, case management, and peer-to-peer support.

The Father Engagement funded agencies include:

The Parent Leadership grant has been awarded to Lead 4 Tomorrow’s Family Hui program with the goal of providing training and technical assistance to empower parents so they may become leaders in their communities.

The Planting Prosperity grant has been awarded to ten (10) agencies to implement innovative primary or secondary prevention programs, prioritizing families and communities that have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty, including Black, brown, indigenous, migrant, and Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ+) children and families, and rural communities.

The Planting Prosperity funded agencies include:

The Road to Resilience grant has been awarded to eleven (11) agencies. These agencies identify and serve pregnant individuals with known histories of substance use, pregnant individuals with current substance use, and parents of substance-exposed infants through interagency collaboration and integration of services.

The Road to Resilience funded agencies include:

The Safe Sleep Baby 2.0 grant has been awarded to The Child Abuse Prevention Center to provide safe sleep education to parents, caregivers, and providers to reduce the risk of infant sleep-related deaths with African American families as a priority population.

The Safely Surrender Baby Hotline grant has been awarded to 211 LA to provide resource support to individuals or agencies looking for resources related to safely surrendering an infant. For more information or to contact the Safely Surrender Baby Hotline, dial 1-877-222-9723 (1-877-BABY-SAF).

The Strong Communities grant has been awarded to eight (8) agencies with the purpose of expanding already established Family Resource Centers and their services and/or developing new Family Resource Centers as defined in California Welfare and Institutions Code.

The Strong Communities funded agencies include:

OCAP-Funded Training & Technical Assistance Grants

The California Training Institute (CalTrin) and California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse (CEBC) has been awarded to Rady Children’s Hospital Chadwick Center for Children and Families in cooperation with the Child and Adolescent Services Research Centers. The CalTrin provides free training and professional development opportunities to child abuse prevention organizations, including child welfare and non-profit agencies. The CEBC aims to provide online resources and evidence-based/-informed programs to help improve child safety, increase permanency, increase family and community stability, and promote child and family well-being.

The Celebrating Families! grant has been awarded to Community Solutions to provide training and technical assistance to agencies that will implement the Celebrating Families! program. The Celebrating Families! curriculum is an evidence-based, trauma-informed, skill-building program serving families with children ages birth to 17. The grant will also support the redesign of the Celebrating Families! curriculum to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Innovative Partnerships grant has been awarded to four (4) Child Abuse Prevention Councils forming a regional collaborative in an effort to improve child abuse prevention outcomes and create prevention networks in their communities.
The Innovative Partnerships funded agencies include:

The On the Verge grant has been awarded to On the Move to support the On The Verge Family Resource Center. On the Verge is a leadership development program that explores new approaches to improve personal, interpersonal, and professional skills. The year-long leadership development program focuses on increasing the Five Protective Factors across communities and developing a model to replicate across the state.

The Strategies Technical Assistance grant has been awarded to The Child Abuse Prevention Center and Children’s Bureau of Southern California. These organizations work in collaboration to strengthen prevention networks with an emphasis on Child Abuse Prevention Councils across California.