DFA 256 - Food Stamp Program Participation and Benefit Issuance Report

This monthly report includes data on the number of Food Stamp Public Assistance and Non-Public Assistance households and persons participating in the federal and state Food Stamp programs; the number of issuances provided by mail and contracted over the counter; and the value of documented coupon issuances.


Beginning March 1, 2020, all existing reports publicly accessible on web pages belonging to the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) must comply with the CDSS Data De-identification Guidelines in order to more fully protect the identities of the vulnerable clients we serve. Cells that could identify an individual with a value of less than 11 have been replaced with a “*” to comply with the CDSS Data De-identification Guidelines .

Due to the issuance of CalFresh Emergency Allotments in response to COVID-19, issuance data for the period April 2020 through July 2020 is inconsistent. For trend and analysis purposes, these months should be excluded.

Report Period Updated
Fiscal Year 2023-24 06/10/2024       
Fiscal Year 2022-23 08/10/2023    
Fiscal Year 2021-22 01/20/2023    
Fiscal Year 2020-21 09/02/2021 
Fiscal Year 2019-20 09/02/2021 
Fiscal Year 2018-19 09/02/2021 
Fiscal Year 2017-18 01/02/2020 
Fiscal Year 2016-17 01/02/2020 
Fiscal Year 2015-16 01/02/2020 

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For questions regarding this report, contact the Data Systems and Survey Design Section at admdfa256@dss.ca.gov.

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