Public Assistance Facts and Figures (PAFF)

This monthly publication includes point in time caseload, payment/expenditures, and benefit level data for the following programs:

• CalWORKs
• Foster Care
• Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment (SSI/SSP)
• General Relief
• CalFresh
• In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

Also included are the unemployment and percent of population on assistance rates for California.  For the caseload, payment/expenditure, unemployment, and population on assistance figures, the percent and numerical change between the current month and prior month, and the percent change between the current month and same month in the prior year, are also displayed.  For this publication, prior period data is updated to reflect the most current information such as county reported changes, updates, and revisions (except for Foster Care (beginning with the July 2001 report month).  

NOTE: The March 2013 through October 2013 reports were not released due to data issues. The data for January 2014 through January 2017 as well as the July – December 2017 were not released but can be accessed in the current version of this report.

NEW:  Effective with the January 2018 report month, we have revamped the PAFFs process and adopted a dashboard format for the PAFFs report to provide interactive charts and data for CalWORKs, Foster Care, SSI/SSP, General Relief, CalFresh, and IHSS.  It will show the current month’s data in EXCEL which will provide previous months’ data for each program.  Simply use the slicers and dropdown menus to select your desired timeframe to display the charts and data.


Public Facts and Figures Report

Public Facts and Figures | Updated: 10/21/19 | Raw Data

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