Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about PDG.

Where can I apply for this funding?

The PDG is a federal grant awarded to states to support systemic efforts to improve their early learning and care mixed delivery systems. Learn more about the Federal PDG Program.

What activities are available for me to attend as a parent and/or an early learning and care provider?

California’s Early Childhood Policy Council (ECPC) meetings can be attended by parents, early learning and care providers, and anyone else from the public with interest in the state’s early learning and care system. These meetings all have opportunities for public comment.

Can I donate to the PDG effort?

Some organizations have expressed an interest in donating materials or funds to this project. However, California’s PDG is a federally funded initiative matched with a required portion of state funds. The lead agency manages the funds in accordance with state and federal requirements. Donations are not allowable.

What is the State Stewardship Team (SST), and how can I join?

The SST was established as part of California’s PDG governance plan. The SST is a cross-agency advisory group, reflective of the state services and programs that support California’s young children, families, and early learning and care providers. The purpose of the SST is to provide input and guidance on PDG activities, including identifying opportunities for cross-agency collaboration and dissemination of resources. The SST also provides recommendations on other closely aligned state-level planning efforts. Representatives from 17 state agencies are invited to participate in the SST. The SST does not include individuals from the public.

Are there PDG funds to help me pay for all the new health and safety requirements as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

California’s PDG funds are not designated for direct services and do not provide immediate assistance to early learning and care providers. For further information on actions the state has taken in response to COVID-19 and guidance to early learning and care providers and programs, please feel free to visit the state’s EED Management Bulletin site.

What is the purpose of the Early Childhood Policy Council (ECPC), and is it funded through PDG?

ECPC was not established under PDG. ECPC was established by law via Senate Bill 75 (Chapter 51, Statutes of 2019). The purpose of ECPC is to advise the governor, the legislature, and the Superintendent of Public Instruction on statewide early learning and care policy, including the planning for and the implementation and evaluation of the state’s Master Plan for Early Learning and Care and the California Assembly Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education Final Report. For more information, please visit the Early Childhood Policy Council website.

What is the Early Childhood Policy Council Parent Advisory Committee, and how can I join?

The Early Childhood Policy Council (ECPC) includes members who have been appointed by the governor, Speaker of the California Assembly, the Senate Committee on Rules, and the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Parent Advisory Committee and the Workforce Advisory Committee are committees within ECPC. Members of these advisory committees are also appointed. Parents, early learning and care providers, and anyone from the public can attend the advisory committee meetings, as well as the ECPC meetings at large. Opportunities for public comment are required at all meetings. You can find details for future meetings on the ECPC webpage.

How can I contact the PDG team for more information on a specific topic?

You can reach the PDG team by emailing us at