Refugee Impacted Counties

Refugee program benefits and services in California are provided at the local level by county social services/welfare departments (or they contract with local refugee service providers to deliver direct services).  Certain California counties where large populations of refugees reside are designated as refugee-impacted.  These refugee-impacted counties offer additional employment and social services to refugees.  Refugees who live in these counties may be eligible for special employment services and training.   Current refugee-impacted counties are:  Alameda, Los Angeles, Orange, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Clara and Stanislaus. 

In these counties, generally, refugee programs and services are administered by a County Refugee Coordinator (CRC) (who also contract with local service providers).  Contact the CRC for your county to determine what services are available in your community.  

Refugee-Impacted Counties:

Other Counties' Refugee Programs:

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