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CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program Information for Interested Restaurant Vendors

The CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) offers interested restaurant owners an opportunity to increase revenue while supporting the community.

Participation is Easy!

Restaurant owners interested in partnering with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) in becoming a participating RMP vendor must follow the steps below:

  1. Search for the ZIP code where your restaurant is located using the RMP SERVICE AREA list.
  2. Enter into an agreement with the CDSS.
    • To participate in the RMP, restaurant owners must enter into an agreement with the CDSS. To enter into the agreement, you must complete the Permanent Single Agreement (PSA). Click the following links to access, review and complete the RMP PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS and PSA.
    • Complete the RESTAURANT VENDOR INTAKE FORM to provide more information about your restaurant.
  3. Provide the completed PSA to the CDSS RMP Unit.
    • Submit the completed PSA and Vendor Intake Form to the CDSS RMP Unit at The PSA will not be accepted without the completed Restaurant Vendor Intake Form.
    • Please note that a significant delay in processing will occur if you submit a PSA without an e-signature or if it is not submitted in PDF format. The PSA will not be accepted without the completed Restaurant Vendor Intake Form.
  4. Complete the RMP Restaurant Vendor application.
    • Restaurant owners must submit an application to the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services (USDA-FNS) to become an authorized RMP restaurant vendor. Review and complete the USDA SNAP APPLICATION FOR MEAL SERVICES (FNS 252-2) and gather all required supporting documentation, as noted in the FNS 252-2.
    • Please note that you may not submit an application package to USDA-FNS until you have been approved by CDSS and received your signed PSA.
  5. Submit your RMP application to USDA-FNS via United States Postal Service (USPS) standard mail, to the following address:
    Retail Service Center – 1-877-823-4369
    Food and Nutrition Services
    PO Box 7228
    Falls Church, VA 22040
    • Your application package will consist of the signed PSA provided by CDSS, the completed FNS 252-2, and required supporting documentation, as noted in the FNS 252-2.
    • USDA-FNS will review your RMP application package and respond with an approval, denial, or further information.
    • This process can take up to 4 months. Please contact the USDA-FNS directly for updates on your application; CDSS will not have this information.
    • If the application package is denied, please reach out to FNS directly at 1-877-823-4369 for more information.
    • Once approved, you must acquire a POINT OF SALE (POS) MACHINE (see footnote below) that will accept CalFresh Food Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) transactions and post the RMP VENDOR SIGNAGE on your restaurant storefront. Finally, let us know that your establishment was approved to participate in the RMP by emailing us at with your restaurant name and address.

Footnote: RMP restaurant vendors are responsible for the cost of setting up a POS Machine. In addition, the POS Machine must be in full operation before an announcement is made to the public of the restaurant vendor’s RMP status.


CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program for County Partners:

The CalFresh RMP was established through Assembly Bill (AB) 942 (Chapter 814, Statutes of 2019). For the statewide implementation, County Welfare Departments (CWD) chose one of three options:
  1. Maintain administration of an existing RMP,
  2. Transition the administration of an existing RMP to CDSS, or
  3. Opt for CDSS to newly implement the RMP in the county.

As of November 2021, CDSS is overseeing the administration of the RMP in 56 of 58 counties, with 2 counties maintaining local administration. For more information on the statewide implementation of the RMP, please reference ACL 21-100.

CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program Partner Resources:

Statewide RMP All County Letter

CDSS RMP Program Requirements and Permanent Single Agreement

RMP USDA SNAP Application for Meal Services (FNS 252-2)

RMP Restaurant Vendor Signage
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RMP Restaurant Meals Provider Logo
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CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program Partner Toolkit Materials:

CalFresh RMP Partner-Facing Flyer
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CalFresh RMP Frequently Asked Questions
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CalFresh RMP Vendor Application Steps Flyer
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CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program Client Toolkit Materials:

CalFresh RMP Brochure (Coming Soon!)
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CalFresh RMP Flyer
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CalFresh RMP Frequently Asked Questions (Coming Soon!)
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CalFresh RMP Social Media
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