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CalFresh Logos (Color and Black/White in EPS/PDF/PNG Formats)
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Brochures and Other Materials

FFY 2020 Income Inserts
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Immigrant Toolkits

Chinese Immigrant Brochure Version 1 (English)
Chinese Immigrant Brochure Version 2 (English)
Chinese Immigrant Fact Sheet (English)
Chinese Immigrant Flyer (English)
Chinese Immigrant Poster English (8.5x11)(11x14)(18x24)

Latinx Immigrant Brochure Version 1 (English)
Latinx Immigrant Brochure Version 2 (English)
Latinx Immigrant Fact Sheet (English)
Latinx Immigrant Flyer (English)
Latinx Immigrant Poster English (8.5x11)(11x14)(18x24)

College Student Toolkit

College Student Brochure Version 1
College Student Brochure Version 2
College Student Fact Sheet
College Student Flyer Version 1
College Student Flyer Version 2
College Student Poster Version 1 (8.5x11) (11x14) (18x24)
College Student Poster Version 2 (8.5x11) (11x14) (18x24)