SOC405XP - Outcomes for Nonminor Dependents Probation Foster Youth Exiting Foster Care Quarterly Statistical Report

This quarterly report collects information on all Nonminor Dependents (NMDs) for which the county probation department has jurisdiction and who in the report quarter have exited foster care or Extended Foster Care (EFC).  The information entered on each youth is based on what is known about the youths' status at the month of exiting foster care or EFC in the following five age categories: Youth Who Exit at Age 18 (or legally emancipate before age 18); NMDs Age 18; NMDs Age 19; NMDs Ages 20-21 and Re-Entry NMDs Ages 18-21.


The California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Data Systems and Survey Design Section (DSSDS) is in the process of updating reports to comply with CDSS de-identification requirements. 

Report Period Updated
Federal Fiscal Year 2018-19  
Federal Fiscal Year 2017-18  
Federal Fiscal Year 2016-17  
Federal Fiscal Year 2015-16  

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