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CalFresh Logos

CalFresh Logos (Color and Black/White in EPS/PDF/PNG Formats)
CalFresh Style Guide - How to use our new CalFresh Logo

Brochures and Other Materials

FFY 2021 Income Inserts
(English) (Spanish) (Hmong) (Chinese) (Vietnamese) (Russian)

FFY 2020 Income Inserts
(English) (Spanish) (Hmong) (Chinese) (Vietnamese) (Russian)

CalFresh General Brochures
(English) ( Spanish) (Hmong) (Chinese) (Vietnamese) (Russian)

Restaurant Meals Brochure
(English) ( Spanish)

Immigrant Toolkits

Chinese Immigrant Brochure Version 1 (English)
Chinese Immigrant Brochure Version 2 (English)
Chinese Immigrant Fact Sheet (English)
Chinese Immigrant Flyer (English)
Chinese Immigrant Poster English (8.5x11)(11x14)(18x24)

Latinx Immigrant Brochure Version 1 (English)
Latinx Immigrant Brochure Version 2 (English)
Latinx Immigrant Fact Sheet (English)
Latinx Immigrant Flyer (English)
Latinx Immigrant Poster English (8.5x11)(11x14)(18x24)

College Student Toolkit

College Student Brochure Version 1
College Student Brochure Version 2
College Student Fact Sheet
College Student Flyer Version 1
College Student Flyer Version 2
College Student Poster Version 1 (8.5x11) (11x14) (18x24)
College Student Poster Version 2 (8.5x11) (11x14) (18x24)