CalWORKs Summary Home Page

This web-based release  is in response to Supplemental Report Language (SRL), updated September 7, 2023, due to the legislature on February 1, 2024.

Some items have already been submitted, including:

  1. CalFresh Oral Notice of Work Rules May Revision Request
  2. CalWORKs Name Change to CalFamilies

The items below are in response to SRL item #3 Reporting on CalWORKs Families' Needs and Barriers.

Future releases in this web-based format will include the CalWORKs Annual Summary, covering various relevant components of the CalWORKs program, including caseload dynamics, demographics of families and children living in poverty and deep poverty, the Welfare-to-Work (WTW) program, and impacts of recent policy changes.  

The heading structure below is applied to the Reporting on CalWORKs Families' Needs and Barriers SRL items, and will also serve as the structure of future CalWORKs Annual Summaries, including:

CalWORKs Families

Characteristics of assistance units participating in CalWORKs

Program Services and Utilization

A detailed look at services provided and enrolled caseload.


Trends and analysis of assistance units exiting CalWORKs.

Take-up Rate

Program Overview

Between 1998 and the present, CalWORKs has undergone several changes as a result of shifting state priorities, federal policy changes, and the Great Recession of the late 2000s. The following chronology explains briefly, year by year, how CalWORKs has changed in response to mandates from the U.S. Congress and California law.