Client Satisfaction Survey County Welfare Department Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The CSS was developed to help County Welfare Departments (CWDs) gather feedback from their clients on how to better serve them. Analysis of the CSS results must be reported by counties in their Cal-OAR CalWORKs County Self-Assessment (Cal-CSA) and CalWORKs System Improvement Plan (Cal-SIP). 

This desk reference is intended to help county staff explain the CSS and address questions that they may receive from potential survey recipients.  Contact your county CQI Specialist with any questions that are not addressed here.

Q1: What is the Client Satisfaction Survey (CSS)?
A1: The CSS evaluates California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) client satisfaction during, approximately, the first six-months of time on CalWORKs aid. There are three surveys within the six-month period which are tied to the following program milestones: WTW Orientation, WTW Plan development, and the first SAR-7.

Q2: When are the Client Satisfaction Surveys anticipated to be distributed to clients?
A2: The CDSS anticipates sending the first surveys on May 24, 2022. The survey will capture client appointments that occurred in April 2022.

To minimize County Welfare Department workload and call center disruption, the CDSS will not send surveys during the first week or the last week of any month. The CDSS is also exploring additional support options to further mitigate county workload concerns following the launch of this survey.  CDSS expects minimal workload disruption following the launch of the survey. More information will be shared soon as additional resources become available.

The CDSS will also allow clients to discuss CSS related questions by emailing the CDSS Cal-OAR team at or by calling the Cal-OAR main line at 916-657-2128.  The CDSS Cal-OAR team will respond to all phone calls or email inquiries within 2 business days.

Q3: When will counties receive their survey responses?
A3: Counties will receive monthly individual-level survey results, as well as a quarterly report the first month of the following quarter, reflective of aggregate responses.

Q4: Where can I get a copy of the CSS report containing which clients will receive the invitation to complete the survey each month?
A4: CSS report requests may be sent to CalWIN counties have the survey report data located in their SR: SR#661303.  The SR data report will be available on the third Monday of each month.

Q5: Will there be a flyer developed for line staff to handout?
A5: There will be a flyer developed and distributed to CWDs with CSS information that may be shared with clients.

The flyer will include a link to the survey and a QR code for clients to access the survey from their phones.

Q6: Will counties receive a copy of the text and email messages that clients receive?
A6: Yes, CDSS will email a copy of the text message and email scripts to the CWDs. These scripts plus CSS Desk Reference are linked below:

Q7: How will surveys be delivered to clients?
A7: The survey will be delivered through Survey Monkey via text or email.  Clients will only receive text or email, not both.

Q8: How will counties receive their Client Satisfaction Survey (CSS) data?
A8: Counties will receive both individual-level and aggregate CSS data via encrypted email.

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