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Provider Information Notices(PINs)

Provider Information Notices (PINS)


  • PIN 23-04-CRP - Guardian Webinar for Children's Residential Program Licensees and Providers
  • PIN 23-05-CCLD - Criminal Background Clearance Transfers - Updated Guidance
  • PIN 23-04-ASC - Guardian Webinar for Adult and Senior Care Program Licensees
  • PIN 23-01-HCS - Guardian Webinar for Home Care Organization Licensees
  • PIN 23-03-CCP - Guardian Webinar for Child Care Program Licensees, Providers, and TrustLine Agencies


  • PIN 22-14-CCLD - Assembly Bill (AB) 1720 Implementation
  • PIN 22-16-CRP - Assembly Bill (AB) 1720 Implementation and Out-of-State Disclosure Requirements
  • PIN 22-15-CRP - Guidance Regarding Fingerprint Association Requirements for a Resource Family
  • PIN 22-12-CCLD - Information on the use of the Child Abuse Central Index for State Licensed Facilities (LIC 198A Form) 
  • PIN 22-11-CCLD - Guardian Webinar for Licensees and Providers
  • PIN 22-09-CCLD - Guardian Webinar for Licensees and Providers
  • PIN 22-08-CCLD - SB 354 RFA Relative Working Title 
  • PIN 22-07-CCLD - Guardian Webinar for Licensees and Providers
  • PIN 22-06-CCLD - Guardian Background Check Best Practices
  • PIN 22-01-CCLD - Mailing Address Reporting Requirements


  • PIN 21-28-CRP - Out-Of-State Background Check Requirement and Form Submission
  • PIN 21-22-CCLD - Care Provider Management Bureau (CPMB) Customer Service Updates and Background Check Information
  • PIN 21-05-CCLD - New Background Check Website
  • PIN 21-03-HCS - Statewide Waiver For Registration Status In Guardian For Affiliated Home Care Aides And Home Care Organization
  • PIN 21-02-CCLD - Updates to The Implementation of Guardian
  • PIN 21-01-CCLD - Benefits and Impacts of Implantation of Guardian


  • PIN 20-22-CCLD - Regulation Update Regarding Simplified Criminal Records Exemptions
  • PIN 20-20-CCLD - Guardian User Account Access
  • PIN 20-17-CRP - New Background Check Requirements, Assembly Bill 819 (Chapter 777, Statutes of 2019)
  • PIN 20-16-CCLD - Discontinuation of The Child Abuse Central Index For State Licensed Facilities (LIC198A Form)
  • PIN 20-12-CCLD - Updated Statewide Waivers for Background Check Requirements Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
  • PIN 20-09-CRP - Statewide Waivers For Background Check Requirements Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
  • PIN 20-03-CCLD - Caregiver Background Check Bureau’s New Background Check System


  • PIN 18-02-CCLD - Criminal Record Statement-LIC508
  • PIN 18-01-CCLD - AB 1008 (Conviction History): Impact on Community Care Licensing Facilities


  • PIN 17-13-CRP - Resource Family Approval-Background Checks (Criminal Record Clearances, Exemptions, CACI Checks)
  • PIN 17-03-CCLD - Fact Sheet-Community Care Licensing Background Checks