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What is Wraparound?

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) describes Wraparound as a strengths-based planning process that occurs in a team setting to engage with children, youth, and their families. Wraparound shifts focus away from a traditional service-driven, problem-based approach to care and instead follows a strengths-based, needs-driven approach. The intent is to build on individual and family strengths to help families achieve positive goals and improve well-being. Wraparound is also a team-driven process. From the start, a child and family team is formed and works directly with the family as they identify their own needs and strengths. The team develops a service plan that describes specific strategies for meeting the needs identified by the family. The service plan is individualized, with strategies that reflect the child and family's culture and preferences. California Wraparound is intended to allow children to live and grow up in a safe, stable, permanent family environment. For children and families in the foster care system, the Wraparound process can:

  • Enhance strengths by creating a strength-based intervention plan with a child and family team;
  • Promote youth and parent involvement with family voice, choice, and preference;
  • Use community-based services;
  • Create independence and stability;
  • Provide services that fit a child and family's identified needs, culture, and preferences;
  • Create one plan to coordinate responses in all life domains; and
  • Focus on achieving positive goals.

UC Davis Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice (RCFFP)

The Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice, supported by the California Department of Social Services, provides facilitation, consultation, and training to support Wraparound across California.

Statewide Wraparound Meetings

California Wraparound Advisory Committee (CWAC)

The California Wraparound Advisory Committee (CWAC) is a group whose  members collectively makes recommendations, identifies and shares solutions, and promotes best practices related to Wraparound policies and programs. The CWAC convenes on a quarterly basis, twice a year in-person meetings, and twice a year via virtual platform.

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California Wraparound Hubs

The California Wraparound Hubs are regional groups who share information, collaborative practices, and discuss topics relevant to Wraparound. There are currently 3 hubs: Northern, Southern, and Central. The hubs meet quarterly, in-person and via-virtual platform. They are hosted by local Wraparound providers and the meeting locations regularly change.

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California Wraparound Steering Committee

The California Wraparound Steering Committee is a group made up of Wraparound experts across the state of CA, including the following representation: county, providers, parent partners, youth partners, Wraparound trainers, CDSS staff, and the Resource Center for Family Focused Practice. The purpose of the Steering Committee is to develop a collaborative California Wraparound community that seeks to build continuity in practice and improve equitable safety, well-being, and permanency outcomes for children and families through the provision of high-fidelity Wraparound programs. The Steering Committee meets once a month and is linked to the California Wraparound Advisory Committee. The meetings are closed. Email: for further information.

California Wraparound Evaluation & Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Pilot

The Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team (WERT) from the University of Washington is working with representatives from the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Children and Family Services Division, and stakeholders representing county child welfare, behavioral health, and probation agencies, along with Wraparound provider to develop a comprehensive evaluation and continuous quality improvement (CQI) plan for Wraparound. The Wraparound CQI Plan is being designed to assess Wraparound implementation, practice fidelity, and outcomes in California. The primary goal of this effort is to facilitate data collection and analysis to track the degree to which Wraparound implementation is consistent with California Wraparound standards. The data can then be used to increase the effectiveness of services for system involved youth with complex behavioral health needs in California.

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