Wraparound Role Descriptions

High Fidelity Wraparound requires seven specific staff positions in order to achieve positive outcomes.

Each of these roles has a distinct purpose designed to assist youth, caregivers and the Child and Family Team (CFT) to engage in and move through the stages of the Wraparound process. The following list of roles includes a purpose statement. After each purpose statement there is a link to sample roles and responsibilities descriptions which can be used as is or modified to meet the specific needs of organizations and counties implementing High Fidelity Wraparound. The most important take away from this document is the need to ensure employees are hired, trained and coached to learn and achieve the desired outcomes for their position. When all of the various roles and responsibilities are fulfilled simultaneously, the synergistic effect leads to the Wraparound outcomes for youth and families in the most effective and efficient manner possible. With that said, the CDSS Wraparound Workforce Development Committee comprised of Wraparound leaders across California as well as, Youth and Parent Partners, CDSS Leads and Wraparound Subject Matter Experts strongly recommends each County and its providers to use the sample role descriptions for the seven roles to ensure high fidelity to the Wraparound model.

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