County Compliance Plans

In compliance with federal regulations and state Manual of Policies and Procedures (MPP) Division 21 regulations, the Civil Rights Unit requires county welfare departments to provide a Civil Rights Compliance Plan (CRCP) establishing the welfare department's civil rights policies and procedures. For the latest information concerning the CRCP and the transition from Annual Plans to the CRCP, please refer to All County Letter No. 09-79, December 10, 2009, with the subject: Annual Civil Rights Plans.

Your CRCP is due two months prior to the CWD’s scheduled civil right compliance review, or within 30 days of a significant change in county civil rights compliance information. (See the Compliance Reviews - Overview and Schedule link to learn about scheduled reviews.)

For Additional Information

The CRCP Guidelines can be found in PDF format at Civil Rights Compliance Plan Guidelines, PDF or in Word format at Civil Rights Compliance Plan Guidelines, Word.

Each county must submit an Assurance of Compliance Statement with their CRCP, with an original director's signature. You can find a copy of the Assurance of Compliance Statement here PDF format and here Word formatThe Vendor Assurance of Compliance Statement can be found in PDF format or in Word format.

If county staff have questions regarding this information, they should contact the Civil Rights Unit at (916) 654-2107, or e-mail us at

Revised 11/30/2022

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