Annual Reports

Providers are required to submit an annual report of its financial condition within four months after their fiscal year end. The report requirements are outlined in Health and Safety Code (H&SC) section 1790.

Providers are also required to submit a financial report disclosing key financial ratios and other key indicators (Key Indicators Report (KIR)) as required by H&SC section 1792.9. KIRs are required to be submitted within 30 days following the submission of each provider’s annual report; therefore, may not be included in the copy of a provider’s annual report on this website. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a KIR, you may request it from the Continuing Care Contracts Section at  (916) 654-0591.

Please note that the Department’s acceptance and review of a provider’s annual report is NOT a guaranty of performance or an endorsement of any continuing care provider, continuing care retirement community, or continuing care contract.

Prospective transferors and residents are strongly encouraged to carefully consider the benefits and risks of entering into a continuing care contract and to seek financial and legal advice before they do so.

Complete Listing of Provider Annual Reports

This website includes providers’ annual reports up to three years, if available (depending on when the provider began operations). If you are unable to view/access any of the reports below, you may contact the Continuing Care Contracts Branch at (916) 654-0591 to request an electronic or hard copy.

The Department is currently working on making the annual reports accessible on our website, but until that time, you may find the annual reports on each provider’s own website. Please click here for the following list: Complete Listing of Provider Annual Reports

The 2019 annual reports can be found on CALCRA’s website at