CCLD Information Releases

2016 Information Releases
2016-09 Revised Crisis Nurseries Regulations
2016-08 Smoke Free and Carbon Monoxide Detector, Section 100 Regulations
2016-04 Child Care Licensing Race to the Top e-Learning Modules
2016-03 Use of Electronic Signatures
2016-01       Communication with Foster Parents About Investigations Regarding Children in Out-of-Home Placements
2015 Information Releases
2015-04 Assembly Bill 388 (Chapter 760, Statues of 2014) Juveniles
2015-03 Bed Bug Precautions for Licensing Program Analysts
2015-02  Solicitation or Accepting Gifts or Gratuity from Public, Entities or Stakeholders
2015-01  Quality Parenting Initiative: Promoting Normalcy and Ensuring Care and Supervision in Foster Care
2014 Information Releases 
2014-01            AB 346 Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelters Interim Standards           
2013 Information Releases 
2013-02 Out of State Group Home Certification for Youth Turning 18  
2013-01 AB 2343, Criminal History Information  
2011 Information Releases
2011-06 Assembly Bill 12 Non-minor Dependents Interim Standards
2011-05 Use of Pill Boxes or Other Organizers for Centrally Stored Medication
2011-04 Personal Rights of Children in Out-Of-Home Placement
2011-03 Criminal Record Clearances; Arrests Requiring Investigation; Maintenance of Clearance Information
2011-02 Certified Family Homes Following The Foster Family Homes Regulations: Questions And Answers
2011-01 Foster Family Homes Regulations Questions And Answers
2010 Information Releases
2010-04 Certified Family Home Regulations
2010-03 Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard for Group Homes and Training Requirements
2010-02 Foster Family Homes Regulations
2010-01 Prohibiting Smoking in Vehicles With Minor Passengers and in Certain Children's Community Care Facilities
2009 Information Releases
2009-05 Regional Office Procedures to Process the Excluded Individuals Rejected By the DOJ Interface Report (LISD2LAR)
2009-04 Marijuana Reform Act of 1977
2009-03 Standard Precautions
2009-02 H1N1 (Swine) and Seasonal Influenza
2009-01 Release of Foster Family Home List to California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO)
2008 Information Releases
2008-05 AB 2651 (Chapter 701, Statutes of 2008) Federal Nonexemptible and Federal Five (5) Year Ban Criminal Convictions
2008-04 Family Connections For Foster Youth, Care Provider Training and Agency Reference Checks
2008-03 Strip Searches Of Children In Out Of Home Care
2008-02 Maintaining an Accurate Caseload Database
2008-01 Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly Changes in Regulation Sequence and Organization
2007 Information Releases
2007-10 Medication Training Requirements For Direct Care Staff In Residential Care Facilities For the Elderly Who Assist Residents With The Self-Administration of Medication
2007-09 Managing Visits and Itineraries
2007-08 Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006
2007-07 Plans of Correction
2007-06 Timely and Thorough Complaint Investigations and Clearing Complaints-Licensing Program Manager Approval
2007-05 Distribution of Tips for Licensees to Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses
2007-04 Bedridden Information Release
2007-03 Adult Day Programs Regulations Q&A
2007-02 Foster Youth Personal Rights Regulations
2007-01 Adult Day Programs Regulations
2006 Information Releases
2006-06 Instructions Regarding Follow-Up When Enforcement Actions Have Been Taken
2006-05 Civil Penalties
2006-04 Distribution of Tips For Licensees To Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses 
2006-03 Assisted Living Waiver Pilot Program (ALWPP): Information/Instructions for Senior Care Program Licensing Field Staff  
2006-02  Telephone Access Rights of Children and Youth in Foster Care  
2006-01  Clarification of Visit Types 
2005 Information Releases
2005-03  Use of Occasional Short-Term Babysitters  
2005-02  Extracurricular, Enrichment, and Social Activities for Foster Children 
2005-01  Licensing Fee Collection Procedures