Healthy Sexual Development Resources

All County Letters and All County Information Notices

The following resources contain relevant information and policy guidance for working with foster youth and issues related to their reproductive and sexual health.  These letters and notices begin in 2016 with the creation of the Healthy Sexual Development Workgroup and the development of the Statewide Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Plan.  As new guidance is released by CDSS related to reproductive and sexual health policy, these letters and notices will be shared here on this page.

ACIN I-06-20 New Resources For Case Management Workers For Documenting, Protecting And Sharing Reproductive And Sexual Health Information For Youth And Non-Minor Dependents (NMDs) In Foster Care

ACIN I-73-16 Documentation in the Child Welfare Services/Case Management System (CWS/CMS) for Parenting Minor and Non-Minor Dependents

ACL 16-32 Documentation of Pregnancy and Parenting in The Child Welfare Services/Case Management System for Minor and Non-Minor Dependents

ACL16-82 Reproductive and Sexual Health Care and Related Rights for Youth and Non-Minor Dependents in Foster Care

ACL 16-88 California's Plan forthe Prevention of Unintended Pregnancy for Youth and Non-Minor Dependents in Foster Care

ACL 18-44 New And Revised Resource Materials Regarding Healthy Sexual Development And Pregnancy Prevention For Youth In Foster Care

ACL 18-61 New Mandates Regarding Case Plan Documentation and Training Related to Reproductive and Sexual Health Care Needs and Rights of Foster Youth

ACL 19-27 Gender Affirming Care For Minor And Nonminor Dependents In Foster Care

CDSS Guides and Materials

The following materials are supplemental resources developed by CDSS to further assist social workers, caregivers and other adults working with foster youth and their reproductive and sexual health.

Online Sex Ed for Youth in Foster Care: Spring Break Series FLYER

A Guide for Case Managers: Assisting Foster Youth with Healthy Sexual Development and Pregnancy Prevention

Youth Brochure: Know Your Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Rights
Tagalog | Vietnamese | Hmong

Conoce Tus Derechos de Salud Sexual y Reproductiva Folleto Para Los Jóvenes

Healthy Sexual Development Resource Guide for Children’s Residential Facilities and Resource Families

Talking Points for Case Management Workers About Reproductive and Sexual Health

Frequently Asked Questions For Documenting, Protecting, and Sharing Reproductive and Sexual Health Information of Youth in Foster Care

Video Resources

The following videos were created by professionals outside of CDSS.  They may be used as a resource when working with children and youth and talking to them about the concept of consent and healthy relationships.  This can be a difficult and tricky concept for many children and youth, especially those who have witnessed domestic violence or who have not had healthy relationships modeled for them.  It is recommended that adults preview these videos first to ensure the correct video is shared with the youth.  Some of these videos contain adult themes and language and may not be suitable for younger children.

Wanna Have Sex? (Consent 101)

Consent: It’s as Simple as Tea (for older youth)

Consent for Kids (for younger children)

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