Immigration Services Funding (ISF) Program

The Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) 13302-13307 authorize the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) to fund qualified nonprofit organizations (Grantees) to provide services to immigrants residing in, or formerly residing in, the State of California. The purpose of the Immigration Services Funding (ISF) Program is to expand available immigration services and increase the number of immigrants receiving quality immigration legal services. This is accomplished by selecting qualified nonprofit organizations to provide free immigration legal services and to conduct education and outreach activities in immigrant communities, and by providing technical assistance to the nonprofit service providers to increase their expertise and ensure the quality of the service. At the discretion of the CDSS, additional services may be added. This funding is intended to serve individuals who cannot otherwise afford an attorney or legal representation.

The CDSS’ Immigration Services Bureau (ISB) has released the award announcement of award recipients for State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2023-2024 for the availability of $36.8 million for the Immigration Services Funding (ISF) Program. Authorized by WIC Sections 13302-13307, the ISF program funds eligible nonprofit organizations to provide pro-bono immigration legal services and outreach throughout California through grant awards. Immigration services include the following four service categories: (1) Immigration Legal Services and Benefits, including but not limited to; Legal Consultation Services; Application Assistance for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA); Application Assistance for Naturalization, and Application Assistance for Affirmative Immigration Remedies and other immigration- related benefits, (2) Education and Outreach (E&O) for individuals and events as defined by CDSS, (3) Legal Training and Technical Assistance (LTTA), and (4) ISF Supportive Services. Additionally, the CDSS expanded the ISF administrative partnership with regional Program Administrators in the Los Angeles, San Diego, Bay Area, Central Valley and Inland Empire. 

The ISF Program service awards are allocated based on a Regional Map and the county list by regions.

ISF Request For Application (RFA)

The next open competitive ISF program RFA will be conducted in SFY 2026-27 and is contingent upon funds made available through the State Budget. 

ISF Awarded Organizations by Fiscal Year


Removal Defense (RD) Program

As authorized by Welfare and Institutions Code Sections 13302-13307, the CDSS funds eligible nonprofit organizations to provide pro bono removal defense services throughout California.

To learn more about the RD RFA, program details, eligibility requirements, and awarded organizations, please review the documents below: 
RD RFA and Application (closed)

FY 2022-24 RD RFA Orientation Webinar Slides

FY 2022-24 RD RFA Orientation Webinar FAQs

FY2022-24 RD Award Announcement

FY2022-24 RD Contact List

RD Invoice Forms

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