Refugee Services

Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP) services in California are comprised of many program partners at the federal, state, county and community level. The RRP in California is 100 percent federally funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement and is state administered by the California Department of Social Services, Refugee Programs Bureau (RPB). The RPB supervises county operations and delivery of RRP services. The RRP assists the individuals "Who We Serve" to adjust socially and attain the skills needed for finding employment and becoming self-sufficient.

Vital to the success of RRP services is the contributions made by the voluntary Resettlement Agencies (RAs), Ethnic Community-Based Organizations (ECBOs) and faith/community-based organizations (CBOs). These organizations provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services and assist refugees with acculturation into American society. RAs assist refugees during their initial placement and provide services for 90 days after arrival in the United States (U.S.).

The RRP services administered in California by RPB are:

  • Refugee Social Services and Targeted Assistance programs provide job training and employment services such as vocational training, English-as-a-second language, on-the-job training, job search, etc.;
  • Refugee Discretionary programs provide services to specialized refugee populations, such as the elderly; and
  • Refugee Cash Assistance provides cash aid to needy refugees for up to eight months after their arrival in the U.S.

To learn more about the administration of RRP services, see our County Refugee Program Guidelines.