Policies and Procedures

Links to the following programs:

  • Division 68 - California Repatriation Program Regulations
  • ACIN I-43-09 - Social Services Available Under the U.S. Repatriation Program
  • ACIN I-92-09 - Services and Reimbursement for Repatriated Citizens
  • ACIN I-27-10 - County Reimbursements for Services to Repatriated Citizens
  • ACIN I-41-15 - Social Services Available Under The United States (U.S.) Repatriation Program
  • Federal Regulations 45 CFR 211 - Care and Treatment of Mentally Ill Nationals of the U.S., Returned from Foreign Countries
  • Federal Regulations 45 CFR 212 - Assistance for U.S. Citizens Returned from Foreign Countries Also, the two attached ACINs have been made accessible (verified by myself) and need to be uploaded to the DNN Document Manager to replace the current versions.