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Child Tax Credits

There are state and federal Child Tax Credits available for program recipients. The credits can help eligible program recipients with qualifying children receive a tax break and can assist with providing essential needs. Individuals filing must meet the eligibility criteria for each, the state, and the federal child tax credits that are shared in the links below. The child tax credits will have no effect on your public benefits. If you haven’t claim previous years credit, you can amend tax returns up to three years back if you find out you are eligible for the credits. Shared below is additional information for each type of Child Tax Credit offered.

State Young Child Tax Credit:

The state Young Child Tax Credit (YCTC) provides a dollar amount credit per eligible tax return.

Families must have at least one qualifying child under 6 years old at the end of the tax year, must file a California state tax return, and meet the requirements of the CalEITC. As of tax year 2022 forward, taxpayers do not need to have earned income to be eligible. However, you must otherwise meet CalEITC and YCTC requirements.

To see if you qualify, how to apply, or claim prior tax years, visit the FTB page.

Federal Child Tax Credit:

The Child Tax Credit (CTC) helps families with qualifying children get a tax break. You may be able to claim the credit even if you do not normally file a tax return. You can qualify for the full amount of the 2023 Child Tax Credit for each qualifying child if you meet all eligibility factors and the annual income thresholds.

To see if you qualify, how to apply, or claim prior tax years, visit the IRS page.

General information about Tax Credits can be found on the IRS and FTB webpages.

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