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The Adult Care Licensing Program licenses and monitors Adult Day Programs, Adult Residential Facilities, Social Rehabilitation Facilities, Residential Care Facilities for the Chronically Ill, and Enhanced Behavioral Support Homes for adults.  

The core mission of the Adult Care Licensing Program is to optimize the health, safety, and quality of life of adults in community care facilities through the administration of an effective, collaborative, and regulatory enforcement system that emphasizes harm prevention and proper and timely compliance.

There are 11 Adult Care Licensing Regional Offices located throughout the State. If you have any questions regarding Adult Care Licensing, please contact the local office near you or the Technical Support Program.

******** Riverside Regional Office – Relocation ********

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) is pleased to announce the relocation of our Riverside Regional Adult and Senior Care Office to its new location at 1650 Spruce Street, Riverside, CA 92507. The move is scheduled to take place on February 23, 2018.

The new main office line will be (951) 248-2222 and fax number will be (951) 248-0370. These lines will be ready for use beginning Tuesday, February 27, 2018. Prior to this date, please continue to contact the office at (951) 782-4207 or fax at (951) 782-4967. The cell phone numbers for Licensing Program Analysts (LPA) will remain the same.

It is the Department’s commitment to uphold the CCLD Adult and Senior Care Program’s mission to optimize the health and safety of adults and seniors in community care settings, and vision for all adults and seniors in the community care setting to have access to quality of care. This relocation is a step toward furthering the commitment of the Department in upholding our mission and vision.

Any questions regarding the relocation can be directed to Leslie Mendiveles, Regional Manager, at (951) 782-4207 or beginning Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at (951) 248-2222.

Thank you for visiting our site, and please check back often for updates.

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