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About CalFresh E&T

CalFresh Employment and Training (E&T) Program Framework

The CalFresh E&T framework includes a vision, mission, and strategic goals that help define success and lay the core foundation for CalFresh E&T. These strategic goals are focused around a central vision to increase the employment and earning capacity of CalFresh recipients by maximizing their access to CalFresh E&T, supportive services, skills, and credentialing.

Increase the employment and earning capacity of CalFresh recipients

Provide more CalFresh recipients with access to CalFresh E&T, supportive services and skills and credentialing.

Strategic Goal
1. Increase job placement, retention, and wages
2. Increase CalFresh E&T participation across a dynamic mix of people, communities and cultures
3. Increase employability by removing barriers to employment
4. Increase skills attainment and credentialing
5. Lead an efficient and effective customer focused E&T program

Latest News
FFY 2020 Planning Process

ACWDL: CalFresh Employment and Training FFY 2020 Planning Kick-Off
Plan Development: Technical Assistance Session Video Series:
Video 1: FFY 2020 Introduction
Video 2: Part I Overview
Video 3: Part II Services
Video 4: Part III Tracking
Video 5: Part IV Budget
Video 6: Assurances and Submission

FNS Guidance and State Allocations SNAP E&T FFY 2020
SNAP E&T Plan Guidance for FFY 2020 and Preliminary 100% Federal E&T Grant Allocations and 50% Federal Reimbursement Targets for FFY 2020
SNAP Section 4005 of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018-Questions and Answers

Management Evaluations Schedule
FFY 2019 ME Calendar for FFY 2018
FFY 2020 ME Calendar for FFY 2019

CalFresh E&T Partnership Forum
March 14, 2019 Topics: Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 and AB 1111
June 13, 2019 Topics: Fresh Success and Adult Education
September 12, 2019 Topics: Serving our Immigrant Workforce & Public Charge

CalFresh E&T Expansion Bonus Funds FFY 2019
Congratulations to Fresno, Marin, Monterey, Placer, Riverside, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Shasta counties! The California Department of Social Services has allocated E&T Expansion bonus funds to these eight counties in support of their efforts to expand CalFresh Employment & Training (E&T) quality and access in Federal Fiscal Year 2019.

E&T Expansion bonus funds were allocated based on county proposals to increase the local availability of high-quality E&T services, such as vocational or on-the-job training, credential or certificate programs, or other programs with proven employment and wage outcomes. The allocated E&T Expansion bonus funds are eligible for federal 50 percent reimbursement when spent on allowable E&T activities and services. This means that available expansion funds total $750,000.

This additional funding allocation is intended to encourage continued program growth. The emphasis on expansion aligns with our mission to advance the employment and earning capacity of CalFresh recipients by maximizing opportunities for skills-building, credentialing, and supportive services. To read more E&T Expansion bonus funds, click here.

FFY 2019 CalFresh E&T All-County Training

On Thursday, November 8, 2018 CDSS hosted an in-person E&T All-County Training. Training materials are posted below.

  1. Training Agenda
  2. Framework, Look Back/Look Ahead, ORC, Branding
  3. Morning Session: Program Integration and Third Party Partner Panel
  4. Introduction to State E&T Management Evaluation Process

Additional Resources Related to Training Topics

CWDB State Plan Modification Guidance
SNAP to Skills: Securing Third-Party Partners for SNAP E&T Programs

SNAP E&T Data and Technical Assistance (DATA) Grants

CDSS is pleased to announce that California is one of eight states awarded a SNAP E&T DATA Grant. The grant will support the development of California’s SNAP E&T data collection and reporting system, including a statewide workforce portal that will function as a centralized, web based location for data collection and enrollment verification. The SNAP E&T DATA Grant is a critical component of California’s E&T strategic growth plan to expand the number and diversity of E&T providers statewide.

For more information on the DATA Grant awards, click here.