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CalFresh Employment and Training (E&T)


The United States Department of Food & Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service is the entity responsible for federal administration of SNAP, known as CalFresh in California.  CalFresh E&T is overseen by the CDSS and administered locally through counties.  Counties are not mandated to offer a CalFresh E&T program but may choose to do so voluntarily. 

Counties have the autonomy to design programs around CalFresh E&T components and activities, population characteristics, in-demand occupations, service providers and available funding sources.  Services may be provided directly by the county, through contracted partner entities who provide services on their behalf, and/or through third-party partner entities who are often established and trusted providers already providing services within their communities.  The CDSS also contracts directly with third-party partner entities, known as state partners, to provide targeted CalFresh E&T services throughout the state in coordination and with county approval.


The CalFresh E&T framework includes a vision, mission, and strategic goals that help define success and lay the core foundation for CalFresh E&T.  These strategic goals are focused around a central vision to increase the employment and earning capacity of CalFresh recipients by maximizing their access to CalFresh E&T, supportive services, skills, and credentialing.


Increase the employment and earning capacity of CalFresh recipients.


Provide more CalFresh recipients with access to CalFresh E&T, supportive services and skills and credentialing.

Strategic Goals

  1. Increase job placement, retention, and wages;
  2. Increase CalFresh E&T participation across a dynamic mix of people, communities and cultures;
  3. Increase employability by removing barriers to employment;
  4. Increase skills attainment and credentialing; and
  5. Lead an efficient and effective customer focused E&T program.

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Funding and Non-Discrimination Statement

  • Funding provided by USDA. 
  • In accordance with Federal law and USDA policy, this institution is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.