California CalWORKs Outcomes and Accountability Review (Cal-OAR)

Cal-OAR Update

One-Year Pause

The passage of AB 79 (Statutes of 2020) delays Cal-OAR implementation during State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2020-21. The first Cal-OAR cycle initially launched on July 1, 2019; however, due to the one-year pause, the first Cal-OAR cycle will relaunch on July 1, 2021.

During SFY 2020-2021, the following components of Cal-OAR are optional for CWDs:

  • Continuous quality improvement efforts, including the customer satisfaction survey
  • Participation in Phases One and Two data and performance measure validation.

Reference ACL 20-95 for more details.
Additional guidance pertaining to the relaunch will be issued Spring 2021.

What is Cal-OAR?

Cal-OAR is a local, data-driven program management system that facilitates continuous improvement of county CalWORKs programs by collecting, analyzing, and disseminating outcomes and best practices. As required by Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) 11523, Cal-OAR consists of three core components: performance indicators, a county CalWORKs self-assessment (Cal-CSA), and a CalWORKs system improvement plan (Cal-SIP).

The Cal-OAR continuous quality improvement (Cal-CQI) process (which includes the Cal-CSA and Cal-SIP) will take place over five-year cycles. The first Cal-OAR cycle commences on July 1, 2021 with the implementation of Cal-OAR.

See the Cal-OAR CQI Process Overview

CDSS has worked with a stakeholder workgroup since September 2017 to develop the Cal-OAR workplan (which includes the structure and substance of Cal-OAR). Workgroup members included stakeholders specified by statute, including current and former CalWORKs clients, advocates, county staff, legislative staff, as well as a variety of other subject matter experts.

See the Cal-OAR Workplan

CDSS has a whole team devoted to implementation of Cal-OAR and supporting our county and stakeholder partners!  If you need support, please see our Program Improvement and Performance Section (PIPS) County Contacts list for the CQI Specialist assigned to your county.

Check back regularly for additional information and details as Cal-OAR is implemented statewide!