1995 All County Information Notices

ACIN I-01-95 (January 6, 1995)
Emergency Assistance (EA) Program Interim Statistical Reporting

ACIN I-02-95 (January 10, 1995)
Counties Can Be Paid As Representative Payees For SSI/SSP Recipients

ACIN I-04-95 (January 19, 1995)
Questions And Answers Resulting From Probation Training On The Title IV-A Emergency Assistance (EA) Program

ACIN I-06-95 (February 1, 1995)
Revised Versions Of NA 960Y And NA 960X, Notices Of Action For AFDC, Food Stamps And Medical

ACIN I-07-95 (February 3, 1995)
Aid To Families With Dependent Children (AFDC) Policy Regarding Public Interest Parolee/Humanitarian Interest Parolee

ACIN I-09-95 (February 23, 1995)
Collection Of Medical-Social Background Information For Purposes Of Adoption

ACIN I-11-95 (March 7, 1995)
Interception Of State And Federal income Tax Refund To Collect Delinquent Restitution Of AFDC Overpayments And Food Stamp Overissuances – AFDC/FS intercept Program

ACIN I-14-95 (March 20, 1995)
Early fraud Prevention/Detection Program

ACIN I-18-95 (April 11, 1995)
1995 County Forms Catalog

ACIN I-19-95 (April 12, 1995)
AB 836

ACIN I-22-95 (May 2, 1995)
Food Stamp Nutrition Education Plan

ACIN I-25-95
AFDC Eligibility For Participants In Job Corps

ACIN I-26-95 (May 22, 1995)
Food Stamp Corrective Action Plan

ACIN I-29-95 (May 31, 1995)
Food Stamp Program Bureau, policy implementation unit Analyst Assignments

ACIN I-31-95 (June 12, 1995)
DPA 266 – Fraud Activity Report

ACIN I-32-95 (June 9, 1995)
Nutrition Informational Materials – Food Stamp Program

ACIN I-33-95 (June 15, 1995)
Emergency Assistance Income Level For Fiscal Year 1995-96

ACIN I-34-95 (June 23, 1995)
Social Security Administration Representative Payee Program

ACIN I-38-95 (August 4, 1995)
Administrative Reimbursement Process For AFDC Overpayments And Collections

ACIN I-40-95 (August 17, 1995)
Annual food Stamp Program Participants By Ethnic Group Report

ACIN I-41-95 (August 18, 1995)
Food Stamp Corrective Action Plan, AFDC Corrective Action Plan, Accuracy Improvement Unit reorganization

ACIN I-45-95 (October 2, 1995)
Maximum Certification Periods For Food Stamp Only Cases And State Agency Operations Review Findings

ACIN I-46-95 (October 2, 1995)
Upcoming Election Date/Deadlines To Forward Voter registration Cards

ACIN I-47-95 (October 10, 1995)
Alien Eligibility Reference

ACIN I-47-95 Errata (October 10, 1995)
Alien Eligibility Reference

ACIN I-49-95 (October 24, 1995)
Rental Fee For Propane Tank As Part Of Utility Costs

ACIN I-50-95 (October 27, 1995)
Revision Of The DE 8720 Standardization Of The Abstract Request Format

ACIN I-51-95 (October 30, 1995)
Disclosure Of Identity Of Birth parents And Arrangement For Contact Between Adult Adoptee And Birth Parents

ACIN I-52-95 (October 31, 1995)
Revisions Of Forms: DFA 285B, Food Stamp Budget Worksheet (Rev. 9/95); DFA 285C, Application For Special Medical Deductions (Rev. 9/95); DFA 285D, Food Stamp Budget Worksheet - - Special Medical/Shelter Deductions (Rev. 9/95); DFA 377.5, Food Stamp Household Change Report (Rev. 10/95)

ACIN I-53-95 (November 7, 1995)
1995/96/97 Food Stamp Nutrition Education Plan

ACIN I-56-95 (December 4, 1995)
Implementation Of National Voter Registration Act Of 1993 Including Flagging Of Questionable Applications

ACIN I-59-95 (December 13, 1995)
SB 1161: Offenses Against The Elderly And Dependent Adults

ACIN I-62-95 (December 27, 1995)
Food Stamp Program Bureau, Policy Implementation unit Analyst Assignments