County Refugee Coordinators

County Refugee Coordinators (CRCs) are individuals in refugee-impacted counties who develop strategies and operating procedures, and oversee funding for their county's refugee services and programs. 

In performing the above activities, CRCs coordinate with Resettlement Agencies (RAs); Ethnic Community Based Organizations (ECBOs); faith/community-based organizations (CBOs); and various local partners, such as school districts; healthcare providers; law enforcement; employment and training agencies and local employers. With input from these partners and members of the refugee community, CRCs develop their county plans for refugee services, which are approved by the county Board of Supervisors and certified by the California Department of Social Services. See the County Refugee Coordinators fact sheet for more on their role and responsibilities and the list below for CRC's contact information. 

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Refugee-Impacted Counties

California counties where large populations of refugees reside are designated as refugee-impacted. These refugee-impacted counties offer additional employment and social services to refugees. Refugees who live in these counties may be eligible for special employment services and training. Current Refugee-impacted counties include:

Other Counties' Refugee Programs

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