Child Care Licensing

The core mission of the Child Care Licensing Program is to ensure the health and safety of children in care. The Child Care Licensing Program strives to provide preventive, protective, and quality services to children in care by ensuring that licensed facilities meet established health and safety standards through monitoring facilities, providing technical assistance, and establishing partnerships with providers, parents, and the child care community.

The Child Care Licensing Program provides oversight and enforcement for licensed Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes through 14 Regional Offices located throughout California.

All children and families, regardless of age, ethnicity, cultural background, socioeconomic status, or ability, are afforded the same protections under the law and regulations for child care facilities. 

Questions regarding the Program can be directed to your local Regional Office, the Child Care Advocate Program (916-654-1541), or the Centralized Complaint and Information Bureau.

Safe Sleep Regulation Concepts

Infants are some of the most vulnerable and fragile clients in our licensed facilities. In the last four years, there have been 36 sleep related deaths in child care facilities. In 2016 there were 11, and in 2017 the number rose to 13. To date, we have already experienced infant deaths in 2018 within varied child care environments.  

The Department of Social Services has been working to strengthen our regulations around safe sleep environments. The Child Care Licensing Program has drafted proposed safe sleep regulations which are forthcoming. Once the Department releases the regulation package, we envision that the public comment period will take place late spring/early summer, with a proposed implementation date of October 2018. The new requirements are consistent with the American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep guidelines, and we hope they will address environments that could put infants at undue risk as well as strengthen existing regulations to ensure children are safe. For additional information please click here.

VIDEO: An Overview of Child Care Licensing