Provider Information Notices (PINs) -- 
Child Care Program (CCP)

: Prior to November 2016, CCLD information currently being communicated in PIN form was communicated in the form of 
Provider Letters and CCLD Information Releases

2018 PINs - Child Care Program (CCP)
PIN 18-01-CCP Influenza Season: 2017-2018 Protecting Children in Child Care Facilities
PIN 18-02-CCP  Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Plans
2017 PINs - Child Care Program (CCP)
PIN 17-02-CCLD AB 2231 Care Facilities: Civil Penalties
PIN 17-03-CCLD Fact Sheet - Community Care Licensing Background Checks
PIN 17-05-CCLD Emergency Notification Requirement  
PIN 17-06-CCLD Transparency Website Mobile Application
PIN 17-08-CCLD Notice Regarding Extreme Heat in California
PIN 17-09-CCLD Temporary Manager Candidate List Application
PIN 17-10-CCLD The Great California Shake Out
PIN 17-01-CCP          Parent's Guide to Choosing Child Care  
PIN 17-02-CCP   Recovery Streamlining Efforts due to the October 2017 Fires  
PIN 17-03-CCP Observation in Infant Sleep Areas 
PIN 17-11-CCL Fire Extinguisher Recall
2016 PINs - Child Care Program (CCP)
PIN 16-01-CCLD      Provider Information Notice (PIN)
PIN 16-01-CC  Immunization and Tuberculosis Requirements Tool