1983 All County Information Notices

ACIN I-04-83 (January 10, 1983)
RSDI Benefit Report

ACIN I-07-83 (January 13, 1983)
Pending The Formal Appointment

ACIN I-08-83 (January 13, 1983)
Subpoena Of EDD Records - Procedure Change

ACIN I-09-83 (January 17, 1983)
Receipt Of Enhanced Funding Based On Statewide Food Stamp Quality Control Error Rate Reduction

ACIN I-13-83 (January 28, 1983)
Verification Of Computer Documents

ACIN I-14-83 (January 31, 1983)
Ordering Revised Food Stamp Application Forms

ACIN I-17-83 (February 8, 1983)
Corrective Action Stuffer Notices

ACIN I-21-83 (February 14, 1983)
Preliminary Injunction, Baker v. Prod

ACIN I-25-83 (February 17, 1983)
Summary Of Instructions Affecting Notices Of Action - Turner v. Woods

ACIN I-26-83 (February 22, 1983)
Farias v. Woods, Order Of California Superior Court

ACIN I-27-83 (February 23, 1983)
AFDC Payments

ACIN I-28-83 (February 24, 1983)
Training - Food Stamp Program Fiscal Reports (FNS-46, CA-209, FNS-250)

ACIN I-32-83 (March 7, 1983)
Baker v. Prod: Identification Of Affected Cases In AFDC

ACIN I-38-83 (March 17, 1983)
Statements Of AFDC Mother And Unrelated Adult Male (CA 71)

ACIN I-50-83 (April 11, 1983)
Rate Exception Reporting Responsibilities

ACIN I-51-83 (April 18, 1983)
USPS Issuance Transaction Rate Increase

ACIN I-53-83 (April 21, 1983)
Report Of RSDI/UI/DI

ACIN I-56-83 (April 29, 1983)
Galster v. Woods, Disregard Of Unavailable Property

ACIN I-61-83 (May 18, 1983)
Food Stamp Regulations On Standard Utility Allowance (SUA)

ACIN I-67-83 (June 13, 1983)
Form CA 30, AFDC Budget Worksheet (Formerly The CA 241)

ACIN I-70-83 (June 20, 1983)
Performance Standards Pilot Project

ACIN I-71-83 (June 20, 1983)
Food Stamp Program - ATP Accountability And Security

ACIN I-73-83 (June 22, 1983)
Update Of Definition Of Technical Errors - AFDC

ACIN I-80-83 (July 19, 1983)
Identification Of Public Assistance Recipients With Other Health Insurance Coverage

ACIN I-81-83 (July 26, 1983)
Implementation Of Senate Bill 14

ACIN I-87-83 (August 8, 1983)
FNS-260, Requisition For Food Coupons Book, And FNS-261, Advice Of Shipment (Food Coupons)

ACIN I-88-83 (August 8, 1983)
Moreno v. Prod - AFDC

ACIN I-89-83 (August 15, 1983)
Providing Notice Of July 1, 1983 Cost Of Living Increase In AFDC

ACIN I-95-83 (August 26, 1983)
Revised Monthly Eligibility Report (CA 7)

ACIN I-97-83 (September 6, 1983)
Integrated Earnings Clearance/Fraud Detection System

ACIN I-100-83 (September 12, 1983)
DSS Organizational Changes In AFDC And Food Stamp Program Branches

ACIN I-101-83 (September 12, 1983)
Food Stamp Ordering Procedure And Delivery Problems

ACIN I-103-83 (September 14, 1983)
Integrated Earnings Clearance/Fraud Detection System

ACIN I-106-83 (September 28, 1983)
AFDC Benefits Project User Manual

ACIN I-107-83 (September 30, 1983)
CWD Salary And Benefit Statement, FY 1983/84

ACIN I-110-83 (October 11, 1983)
Identification Of County Corrective Action Coordinators In AFDC And Food Stamps

ACIN I-111-83 (October 12, 1983)
Indian Child Welfare Act And Alleged Natural Fathers

ACIN I-119-83 (October 31, 1983)
Food Stamp Monthly Reporting/Retrospective Budgeting (MRRB) Regulations Training

ACIN I-133-83 (December 14, 1983)
Reyna v. McMahon

ACIN I-136-83 (December 20, 1983)
Saldivar v. McMahon - United States District Court For The Northern District Of California, Case No. C 83-4637