1993 All County Information Notices

ACIN I-02-93 (January 26, 1993)
New Mailing Address For The Food Programs Branch And The Food Stamp Program Bureau Of The State Department Of Social Services

ACIN I-05-93 (February 1, 1993)
Revision Of The DE 8720

ACIN I-07-93 (February 16, 1993)
Earned Income Credit Outreach Campaign

ACIN I-08-93 (February 22, 1993)
Appointments In the Information Technology Division

ACIN I-10-93 (March 8, 1993)
AFDC-Periodic Determination Of Eligibility

ACIN I-11-93 (March 11, 1993)
Transitional Child Care (TCC) Statistical Report

ACIN I-14-93 (March 30, 1993)
Food Stamp Coupon Deliveries To Shipping Points

ACIN I-19-93 (May 14, 1993)
Revised Forms: DFA 377.7B, DFA 377.7B1, DFA 377.7C, DFA 377.7D, DFA 377.7E

ACIN I-20-93 (May 14, 1993)
Revised Food Stamp Forms – DFA 285 A2, “Application For Food Stamp-Part 2” And DFA 285-A3, “Important Facts For Food Stamp Applications”

ACIN I-25-93 (June 17, 1993)
Update Of Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agency Contacts

ACIN I-28-93 (June 22, 1993)
Noncooperation Sanction For AFDC Applicants/recipients Who Retain Direct Support

ACIN I-29-93 (August 10, 1993)
Payment Verification System (PVS) Response Document

ACIN I-31-93 (August 19, 1993)
Ongoing $30 And 1/3 Earned Income Disregards Beginning September 1, 1993

ACIN I-32-93 (August 27, 1993)
Treatment Of Combined AFDC-FG/U Cases

ACIN I-33-93 (August 30, 1993)
Food Stamp Program Bureau, Policy Implementation unit Analyst Assignments

ACIN I-42-93 (December 9, 1993)
Food Stamp Program Bureau: Policy Implementation Unit Analyst Assignments And Phone Numbers

ACIN I-43-93 (December 16, 1993)
Aid To Families With dependent Children (AFDC) And Food Stamp Disqualified Recipient Reporting Systems