AD 56 D - Independent Adoption Program and Adoption Set-Asides Quarterly Statistical Report

This quarterly report includes statistical data on new independent adoption petitions received and adoption investigations approved, dismissed and denied during the quarter. It also includes data on new Set-Aside adoption petitions received, and Set-Aside investigations recommended and not recommended.


Beginning March 1, 2020, all existing reports publicly accessible on web pages belonging to the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) must comply with the CDSS Data De-identification Guidelines in order to more fully protect the identities of the vulnerable clients we serve. The data on this page has been temporarily removed while the CDSS Data Systems and Survey Design Section (DSSDS) is completing the process of updating reports to comply with the CDSS Data De-identification Guidelines .

Report Period Updated
Fiscal Year 2018-19            
Fiscal Year 2017-18            
Fiscal Year 2016-17            
Fiscal Year 2015-16            

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