Resource Family Approval - LIS & LAARS Check Unit (LLCU)

As part of the RFA Program, per Section 88331.3 of the FFAs Interim Licensing Standards, the background check assessments include obtaining checks for prior licensing-related disciplinary actions and history through LIS and LAARS which are maintained by the Department.

The requesting agency must complete the Resource Family Approval LIS and LAARS Check Request form for each applicant and all adults residing or regularly present in the home of an applicant or Resource Family.  The form, password encrypted if containing social security numbers, must include the name (required), date of birth (required), social security number (when available), FFA name, and FFA contact information for all applicants.  To ensure highest efficiency, it is recommended that FFAs include multiple checks on a single form.  Once completed, please attach and email the form to LLCU at  Please ensure that the form is completed correctly and includes all required information.

The form may be obtained by accessing the following links below:

Resource Family Approval Background Check Assessment - LIS & LAARS Request Form for FFAs (PDF or Excel)

The Department is requesting that each FFA shall identify and provide LLCU the name of the contact designated to submit LIS/LAARS check requests on behalf of the agency.  Within 15 days of receiving the request, LLCU will provide the results of the LIS/LAARS checks to the identified designee of the FFA.

If you have questions, please contact LLCU, Statewide Children's Residential Program Office at
(916) 651-7140 or by email at

For Counties:

Resource Family Approval Background Check Assessment -  LIS Check Request Form for Counties (PDF or Excel)


Facility Types

Information Releases
Background Check Assessment

Provider Information Notices:

  • PIN-16-03-CRP for Resource Family Approval (RFA) Foster Family Agencies (FFAs) Background Check Assessment
  • PIN 17-02-CRP for County Resource Family Approval (RFA) LIS Check Instructions

How to Read an LIS Output

To better understand the content detail of an LIS Output, please click on the links below:
LIS Output Quick Reference Guide (for Counties) 
LIS Output Quick Reference Guide (for Foster Family Agencies)

Video: How to Read an LIS Output

How to Search LAARS (LAARS checks are for counties only)

To learn how to access the Legal Administrative Action Record System (LAARS), please click on the link below:

Video: How to Search LAARS