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Management Evaluations (ME)


The purpose of conducting a Management Evaluation is to ensure compliance with U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services requirements and guidelines, State requirements and the approved CalFresh Employment and Training County Plan. The objective of an ME is to evaluate the County Welfare Department's programmatic and fiscal operations with the expectation that all activities are targeted towards CalFresh E&T eligible population, and that all activities funded with CalFresh E&T funds are allowable.

Management Evaluation Schedule:

In accordance with Title 7, at CFR § 275.8 and CFR  § 275.5(b)(1), the CDSS must conduct Management Evaluations in accordance with the following schedule or on a more frequent basis if there is an identified risk.

  1. In large project areas every year,
  2. In medium areas every two years, and;
  3. In small project areas every three years. 

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