Resource Guides for Licensees

Technical Support Program Resource Guides for Licensees

The Technical Support Program (TSP) is a non-enforcement arm of the Community Care Licensing Division offering intense onsite support to licensees and providers who are struggling to meet and maintain the requirements of operating a licensed facility through the Regional Office referral process.

TSP produces topic specific resource guides for licensees to assist in operating within the bounds of regulations and statutes, developing systems for implementation, and providing best practice suggestions. Also remember to check out and subscribe to our Quarterly Updates newsletter to stay current with critical licensing information.

For more information on the Technical Support, please see our TSP brochure (Español).

If you have any questions about any of these guides, please contact the Residential Technical Support Unit at

Children's Residential Care Program

Adult & Senior Care Program

Operational Assistance

A series of topic specific guides to assist a facility with operating within regulations


A series of Self-Assessment guides to assist staying in compliance