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Click HERE to view a map of Restaurant Meal Program (RMP) restaurant vendors near you, or click HERE to find a list of restaurants in your county.  Please note that the map is more compatible with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), while the list is more suitable for computers (desktops and laptops).

Welcome to the CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) webpage. This webpage outlines general information about the RMP in California for both clients and partners.

About the CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program

The RMP is a program that gives certain people that are at a high risk for chronic hunger the option to use their CalFresh Food benefits to buy prepared meals at approved participating restaurant vendors. The RMP is available to older adults aged 60 or older, people with disabilities, and homeless persons, and their spouses.

Originally established in 1978 as a program to provide older adults and/or people with disabilities who are recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits the option to purchase prepared food at authorized restaurant vendors, in 1996, the program was expanded to serve SNAP recipients who are homeless. In California, the RMP began as a pilot program in the early 2000s in San Francisco County, and has grown overtime to include18 counties. Effective October 12, 2019, Assembly Bill (AB) 942 mandated that CDSS implement the RMP as a statewide program.

As a result of the AB 942, restaurant vendors who are federally approved may participate in the RMP statewide, within all 58 counties in California. As of September 1, 2021, the RMP has expanded to a statewide program. The CDSS strives to have RMP restaurant vendors in every county in the coming years!

CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program Eligibility

Eligibility for the RMP includes people who receive CalFresh Food benefits and are:

  • an adult aged 60 or older,
  • a person with a disability,
  • the spouse of an individual that belongs to one of the above categories, or
  • a person experiencing homelessness.

RMP eligibility must only be allowed for CalFresh households where all members are eligible for the program. Meaning that for the household to be eligible for the RMP, all members of the household must be adults aged 60 and older (and their spouses), people with disabilities (and their spouses), or individuals experiencing homelessness. Please note, spouses do not have to meet the age or disability criteria. Households that include at least one member who does not meet RMP eligibility criteria are ineligible for the RMP.

For more information, contact your local county social services office by calling the CalFresh Information Line at 1-877-847-3663 (FOOD) or by visiting your local county social services office in person.

Which restaurants accept CalFresh Food benefits?

Scroll to the top of this website to open a map of restaurants near you or a list of restaurants in your county. Eligible CalFresh recipients may use their CalFresh Food benefits at any participating RMP statewide, even if it is located outside of their county of residence. Note that the map and list at the top of this webpage only include federally approved restaurant vendors participating in RMP.

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